New York's House Music Revival Starts Here and Now


New York based DJ / Producer Collin Oliver has been described as “a 16 year old musical threat from Long Island with a long and winding road ahead of him” by music insider Tommie Sunshine, we couldn’t agree more.

When Collin approached his parents at 12 years old with the idea of being an international touring DJ and EDM Producer it naturally took them by surprise, but his focus was so intense, and he was so determined to succeed, that he almost instantly won over their support. 

Collin immediately started working local parties, and yacht charters but was noticed right away by promoters at day, and nightclubs as someone that could draw a crowd.  He was definitely on the right track.  After 2 years of taking his new career very seriously Collin convinced his family to travel overseas in the fall of 2018, a trip that he paid for, which ended up being life changing for the young artist.  He attended the Amsterdam Dance Event or “ADE” and for the first time opened his mind up to the possibility that his dreams could actually come to fruition.  Being among hundreds of thousands of creative people, all involved in the music business in some capacity or another, for an entire week, ensured him he was on the right path.  He was able to network with agents, record labels, managers, and other artists, who were always instantly surprised that someone of his age had such a incredible grasp on his craft.

As a DJ every time people see Collin perform they are immediately captivated by his passion for the music.  He connects the people with music on the dance floor at a level that most seasoned veterans could only wish for.


As a producer his unique melodies and vocals pull from Disco/Funk, House, and Future House styles, to come up with his own distinctive sound not quite seen before.  Collin has produced mash ups of popular hits, remixed original tracks, and has completed multiple tracks of his own soon to be released.

Now only 4 short years later, with hundreds of performances under his belt, and his debut single “Help Me” just released on Brooklyn Fire Records, the world is absolutely starting to take notice.  

We hope you do as well.